Stone Materials

Headstones have been made from granite for centuries, and granite continues to be the most popular material used today to make headstones.

Granite has long been known as one of Earth’s most elegant natural stones because of the variety of colors and patterns it is available in, and accordingly, has been used to build – aside from countless numbers of headstones and tombstones – many of the world’s most elegant buildings. Artists and architects from most of the world’s most famous cultures have used granite in their timeless and well-known creations.

Besides being elegant and beautiful, granite is one of the hardest natural materials in the world. It is widely applied in the gardens, landscape, construction decorating, etc.

Granite Butterfly Blue

Granite Butterfly Blue - Midsun Stone

Granite Galaxy Black

Granite Galaxy Black - Midsun Stone

Granite Peach Blossom

Granite Peach Blossom - Midsun Stone

Granite Dakota Mahogany

Granite Dakota Mahogany - Midsun Stone

Granite Tan Brown

Granite Tan Brown - Midsun Stone

Granite China Juparana

Granite China Juparana - Midsun Stone

Granite Indian Mahogany

Granite Indian Mahogany - Midsun Stone

Granite Tianshan Red

Granite Tianshan Red - Midsun Stone

Grarnite Spray White

Granite Spray White - Midsun Stone