Classic Granite Memorials with Surrounded Kerbs and Plants

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  1. General Details



    • This granite memorial is handmade and polished to a high gloss.
    • Select from a Variety of Sizes and Colors.
    • Inscription & Engraving available.
    • Best prices from manufacturer in China, MIDSUN
    • The kerbed tombstones are very strong and can be placed in the most extreme weather conditions.
  2. Specification

    MIDSUN STONE, undertakes the manufacture and wholesale of natural stone products. Our memorials workshop specialized in the supply of tombstones & monuments.

    We have a smart management of supply chain and quality control, which allows us to offer a variety of stone colors, and also quote the most affordable prices.

    Our trained craftsmen have decades of experience in the stone fabrication industry, especially for the craftsmanship of modeling, carving, engraving, polishing, etching, etc.

    Kerbed Memorials mean that existing or new graves can be marked out with a kerbed grave and many of the headstone options fit in perfectly with the kerbed memorial options. Here you can see different style of kerbed memorials, all of which can be completely personalised and fitted to fulfil the needs of every customer.

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