EAH-0734 Classic Headstones with Shaped Edges

Classic Polished Grey Granite Headstones with Shaped Edges

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  1. General Details



    • This memorial headstone is handmade and polished to a high gloss, the base is matched a hole for flower container..
    • Select from a Variety of Sizes and Colors.
    • Inscription & Engraving available.
    • Best prices from manufacturer in China, MIDSUN
    • The granite monuments are very strong and can be placed in the most extreme weather conditions.
  2. Specification

    Here you can find a variety of granite headstones we offer.

    Granite is a natural material that is renowned for its hardiness, everlasting, and easy-maintenance, so it is the first choice in the production of memorial gravestones. As well as traditional dark black granite, we also offer you a variety of granite colors sourced around the world.

    Our expert masons have rich experience in decorating the headstones, including the craftsmanship of etching and carving. We welcome any personalised designs.

    The styles of headstones are quite diversified, due to the culture of different countries is not the same.  Midsun specialized in the styles of Europe and America.

    If you are looking for unique and affordable headstones, Midsun will be your creditable supplier. Contact us right now to get the best quotation.


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